Tales are living beings. Those who have learnt can see them.
They are like transparent birds carried by the wind from a village to another.

Sometimes, they land on someone’s shoulder, who thinks they remember a story.
But it is actually the wish of the story itself to be narrated.
Humans’ voice is its only food, it needs it to survive.

Luis Ansa


Traditional stories are incredible sources of knowledge and wisdom. They have come to us from numerous countries and we love sharing them at the end of a yoga session for the final relaxation, during a storytelling show or simply around a bonfire. We also write personalized stories.

Stop asking yourself what the world needs.
Instead, look for what makes you feel alive.
Dare. Do what you have to do.
Become living beings.
That’s what the world needs.

Harold Whitman


storytelling shows

In collaboration with my musician friends, we offer magical and vibrant storytelling shows. Easy to set up, we can perform them in theaters, local parks, schools, hospitals and even at your place.

Enjoy our teaser here, and contact us for any inquiry.

Personalized written stories

Choose among a set of heroes, locations, characters and special objects. Tell me an aspect of your life which you'd like to explore and I will write an inspirational short story just for you. Here are some examples.

Contact us and tell us the main ingredients you wish to find in your personalized story.

Audios & Videos

Come and listen to the magic of some of the stories I have encountered during my travels.