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"Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body, for the human mind and also for the human soul."
Swami Kuvalayananda

Ivan Mercier is a Qualified Yoga Teacher, Hiker, International Tour Guide, Writer, Storyteller and Massage Therapist.

Ivan has learnt yoga and meditation in India, Nepal and Thailand in traditional ashrams and prestigious institutes where he graduated in yoga education and became a certified yoga teacher. He has also led groups of travelers to Asia, South America and Africa with Dragoman Overland over the last decade, and more recently to France and Europe.

During his adventures around the world, Ivan has collected many stories and enriched his personality with diverse cultural experiences. His objective being to share his love and knowledge with most people, he teaches a holistic and traditional yoga and organizes yoga retreats and yogic hikes, with a central place reserved to pranayama (breathwork) and relaxation. He also co-creates storytelling shows, offers relaxing oil massages and is about to publish a book about his walking pilgrimage. Read more about his journey and his adventures.

Let's Explore Life Together

Our nomadic lifestyles take us to every corner of France and Europe, as well as Asia and South America. That makes our offers available at your place ! Contact us to know our next destinations.

Listening to the body and mind, Ivan offers a benevolent and beneficial practice, in constant progression, enriching our education in yoga to the point of making it necessary (essential !?) in our daily lives. All generations included.

Edith Gauvin

To join a yoga class ? Oh no, I wasn’t interested at all ! Until my friend Jivan invited me to participate online, during the lockdown. Since then, I love it ! It’s a time to take care of myself without leaving the house. The calm atmosphere, the breathwork that helps me to be calmer, the therapeutic approach, the variety of postures and the personalized suggestions… Icing on the cake : the laughter yoga, the sharing of stories during the relaxation and the good jokes

Christelle Humeau

After having practiced yoga for several years (with A. Van Lysbeth) and stopped for a long time, I needed and wanted to live again with yoga. I was looking for a teacher and I met Ivan by chance. I found in him the person who met my expectations, namely a solid personal, practical and spiritual training, an attentive and precise guidance of the sessions, proposals of varied postures adapted to my level and the desire to transmit. And with a smile too !

Geneviève Dandelot