Getting high on the present sensation

Have you ever realized that it is possible to travel far and high while simply being here ? Am I talking about teletransportation ? No, well, not really… I’m sure you have already been speechless in front of an amazing sunset, the complex beauty of a flower, a smell triggering a childhood memory or the touch of a cool breeze on your skin in the midst of a boiling afternoon.

Yoga teaches and trains us how to be with a sensation, for what it simply is, without overimposing our mental interpretation, without judging, without labelling with a “like” or a “dislike”.

How ? Start with your breath. Observe your breath for what it is. Welcome it and accept it without trying to change it. Just be with it, the way it is. Note its length, depth and rhythm. Observe. If a thought or an emotion takes your mind away, welcome that also. Get back to the breath. Keep practicing with patience and determination.

Then, if you are a keen player, you can extend this practice of neutral and detached observation to anything you see, touch, smell, hear, taste or feel and get totally absorbed into the present moment.

The healing is in the feeling… Have Fun !!